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Experienced Washington State Firm Offering Representation for Divorcing Couples

Bellingham attorneys help clients with their family law matters

Beaty Family Law is a compassionate family law firm based in downtown Bellingham. We are largely focused on divorce and related issues. With a combined 59 years of experience, we understand that divorces affect the entire family, not just the parents. This is why we’re dedicated to helping clients pursue less adversarial options such as collaborative divorces and uncontested divorced. We also offer mediation services for nonclients.

Ethical attorneys serving individuals across Washington State

Our experienced family law firm works tirelessly on behalf of Washington clients in the following areas of practice:

  • Divorce — Going through a divorce is never simple or easy, but some methods are less adversarial than others. We help clients who are pursuing a collaborative divorce as well as assist those who are getting an uncontested divorce, which is handled outside of court. Our also firm has experience handling legal separations for those who are looking to live apart without officially dissolving their marriage.
  • Same-sex divorce — We understand the unique difficulties involved with same-sex divorce and will strive to work through each hurdle in order to reach a positive outcome.
  • Child custody — Our firm’s attorneys will zealously advocate on your behalf in all related issues stemming from your divorce, including child custody matters. If your circumstances have changed since your initial separation, we can pursue a modification of an existing order to change the terms to better suit your present situation.
  • Divorce mediation services — If you and your spouse are interested in working with a mediator to reach agreements on key terms of your divorce, we act as neutral third parties to facilitate discussions and ultimately help you work toward a solution. We also offer divorce mediation representation if you would like to engage a licensed attorney to advocate on your behalf throughout the course of mediation.

Our firm is eager to help any Washington clients contemplating or in the midst of divorce.

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At Beaty Family Law, we help Washington State residents who are getting a divorce. If you are seeking experienced counsel in an action for divorce or a related family law matter, please call 360-676-1215 or contact us online.